Nowruz - Sebastian Caldas


In 2014 Sebastian Caldas Zeballos was awarded a scholarship to collaborate with percussionists from candombe tradition in Montevideo. This all resulted in a series of of Concerts in cooperation with the percussionist Ismail Bertola with candombes, tangos and popular pieces. They recorded a part of the repertoire of the DPM studios in Uruguay. The rest of the music on this CD are studio recordings of solo pieces with the tango as a common denominator. It's about Piazzolla's "Estaciones Porteñas", "Sur" and "La última Curda" of legend Anibal Troilo and "Dia que me Quieras" among others. The disc also has an original piece written by Sebastian himself called Nowruz en Gothenburg, which he wrote for the Nowruz festival in Gothenburg in 2013. Nowruz is Persian for 'New Day'. Nowruz marks the first day of spring. The record thus have an exciting multicultural extension.

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