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“Sebastián Caldas Zeballos’s passion is contagious” was the way of defining the Swedish-Uruguayan interpreter when Kalle Moraeus reviewed Nowruz, the second solo album by the artist, on Swedish National Radio (P2 Musikrevyn).

“A guitarist to follow” wrote Göteborgsposten while reviewing “Guitarra Negra”, Caldas’s first solo recording.
Sebastian Caldas Zeballos was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1977, and moved to Sweden at the age of two.

He started playing classical guitar in Malmö at the young age of nine and knew early on that he had found the thing that he would dedicate his life to. He began his formal education in the area in Spain where he studied with maestro Marco Socías at Musikene, the Higher School of Music of the Basque Country. During his time there he was awarded a Higher Diploma in Music with classical guitar as his main instrument as well as a prize in the International Guitar Competition of Azpiazu in the duet modality, in San Sebastián, Spain.
Furthermore, he has received a master’s degree from Piteå Musikhögskola at the Master Program in Music Performance with Jan-Olof Eriksson.
Sebastián Caldas Zeballos has recorded so far two solo albums with the label Daphne, distributed by Naxos, both with very good reviews from the Swedish musical  press. (read below).

Sebastián Caldas Zeballos has received six grants from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and one from Musikverket.

The Swedish-Uruguayan guitarist is very interested in working across genres and barriers.

His project Moving Horizons, a collaboration with percussionists from the Candombe tradition has toured in Scandinavia and South America.

In 2016 Caldas took the project to a new level with the “ Moving Horizons meets Anty Ram trio”, working with musicians who use improvisation as their main means of expression. The ensemble played in Oslo, at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Stockholm, Malmö, and Borås. He also started to take private composition lessons with Argentinian composer José Luis Merlín.

Nowruz, Sebastián Caldas Zeballos’ newest album, has been praised by the Swedish Guitar and Lute magazine for being a reference in Scandinavia for Latin American guitar music, as well as for being innovative in collaborating with musicians from other traditions.

In 2017 Caldas toured Uruguay and Argentina with the “ Moving Horizons meets Anty Ram trio” funded by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Year 2018 Sebastián Caldas got granted from Swedish Arts Grants Committee to make a tour in Scandinavia together with Uruguayan tango singer Maia Castro and pianist Horacio di Yorio.

At the moment Caldas is recording his third solo album with own compositions and arrangements inspired by the Uruguayan folk and candombe tradition, and preparing a Scandinavian tour with Brazilian composer and guitarist Aurelio Edler-Copes preparing a Collaborative Composition called ” Strings N Drums in Resonance” inspired in José Mugicas words , electronics and candombe drums played by resonance of vibro speakers. The project is supported of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.


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